More than 7.5 million of Britain’s 25.3 million working population have misled their potential employer while applying for a job. This is the key finding from research conducted by MORI

One third admit to lying on their CVs while applying for jobs

18% think that it is often necessary to exaggerate on their CV in order to stand out favourably from other applicants

According to recent research by Experian over 70 per cent of HR managers frequently experience cases of misrepresentation on CVs from prospective job applicants.

55% of discrepancies on CVs relate to misrepresented work experience

One in five think that failing to mention jobs/roles that didn’t work out when applying for a job isn’t lying, it is just not drawing attention to them

A survey in ‘Health Which?’ revealed that few GP practices carry out even the most basic of checks on locums they employ, allowing incompetent or bogus doctors potentially to pick up temporary work where they could damage patients.

36% of discrepancies on CVs relate to educational or professional qualifications

18% believe that interviewers expect them to exaggerate their experiences on CVs

What about your company?

How would your good name and reputation be affected if one of your employees were exposed as a fraud ?

Have you someone working in a role requiring particular qualifications or experience who has lied on their application form?

What would be your company’s liability if things go wrong?

Is that a risk you can afford to take?

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